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The Nintendo Wii

The specifications

Central Processing Unit (CPU)

IBM Broadway 729MHz

Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)

ATI Hollywood 243MHz

Supported Resolution

Up to 480p

System Memory


Internet Connectivity

WiFi 802.11 b/g


Internal Storage

512MB Flash Memory

Optical Drive

12cm Wii Disc & 8cm GameCube Disc. Discs will self-load into the bay.

12cm Disc Capacity

4.7Gb (or 8.5Gb Dual Layer)Memory Expansion1 x SD Memory

Backward Compatibility

Downloadable GamesNES, SNES, N64, Genesis, Neo-Geo, TurboGrafix16 (and CD)

Disc Compatibility



Wii Controller Ports

4 x Wireless

GameCube Controller Ports

4 Ports

GameCube Memory Expansion

2 Ports

USB 2.0

2 Ports

InternetWireless IEEE802.11b/g or a USB LAN adaptor. WiiConnect 24 persistant connection, even when powered off.

Output ports

AV Multi-output port, allowing Composite, S-Video and Component.


Connection method

Bluetooth (wireless)

Wiimote Buttons

3 axis motion sensor, + Direction pad, A, B, Minus, Home, Power button, 1 and 2

Nunchuck Buttons

3 axis motion sensor, Analog stick, C and Z

Force feedback (rumble)


Other features

Wiimote has a speaker and an expansion port

(Source: Nintendo Studios)

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